At Davidson & Davidson we believe that our relationship with our clients should be one of trust and good faith, where each party gives value for the benefit received from the other. For that reason, we are pleased to offer a free initial consultation in order to determine what services you may require.

One of the reasons we formed this firm was to focus on building better business relationships with our clients and, wherever possible, to escape from the hourly billing format that lawyers and their clients have long embraced. It is our opinion that focusing upon the traditional "billable hour" concept can create all the wrong incentives and dynamics. When one's payment is gauged solely by how much time one works, there is little incentive to work quickly or efficiently.

At Davidson & Davidson, we have implemented a broad menu of flat fee arrangements, to change the focus from "working long" to "working smart." We believe that this approach creates, to the greatest extent possible, some predictability in fees for us and for you, which should benefit both parties.

Flat fees are not appropriate for all types of projects. But where they are appropriate, we have attempted to implement them.

The legal profession is never quick to embrace change, and remains a bit skeptical about these types of fee arrangements. For this reason, current ethical rules require that we use written agreements outlining our flat fee arrangements, explaining the reasons for them and offering you an "opt-out" should you wish to use a more traditional compensation arrangement. We mention this only to alert you to the reason why we will ask you to sign a written agreement on this subject.

Flat fees are just one of the creative billing arrangements we offer. Please contact us to learn more.