If you're in the market for legal services these days, you'll hear these words, and similar words, quite a bit. All the large law firms want to tell you how lean, efficient and service-oriented they are. You can draw your own conclusions with one look at their million-dollar office spaces, their Class-A locations, and their skyrocketing billing rates. That's not success, it's excess.

Our Firm

At Davidson & Davidson, we offer you all the same experience and savvy you'd get from a large downtown firm. Founding partner Jeff Davidson spent many years as a trademark attorney at such firms, building a sophisticated knowledge of intellectual property, including the law of U.S. and international trademarks, as well as unfair competition, copyright and trade secrets. Now he's opened his own small firm here in the suburbs, to bring all of that experience and vision to you at a significant savings compared to what you'd recently have paid for his services downtown.

We invite you to look carefully at this website and familiarize yourself with our qualifications, experience and proficiency. We hope that if you have any trademark, unfair competition, copyright, trade secret or entertainment law concerns, you will contact us and give us an opportunity to assist you.

We can assist you in protecting your rights here in Chicago, or across the country, or around the world. With Davidson & Davidson's assistance,


Our Service Philosophy

We believe that all companies have intellectual property concerns, and the most successful companies are almost always the ones who take the time to address those concerns in advance.

We know that all of our client relationships are, at their core, human relationships. Our commitment to service and client responsiveness cannot be surmounted. We will advise you with as much thought and care as if we were counseling an old friend, and we hope that you eventually will become one. We are pleased to offer a free initial consultation, in order to evaluate your needs.

But if you feel the need to help pay for attorneys' offices with inlaid marble floors and priceless art on the walls, we can't help you. You'll have to go downtown for that.