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Over the last 22 years as a copyright practitioner serving the Chicago area and elsewhere in the Midwest, Jeff Davidson has had an opportunity to assist a wide spectrum of extremely creative people and companies with their copyright law needs. His experience as a musician and songwriter has given him personal insight into the role of copyright law from the artist's and originator's perspective.

U.S. copyright law is governed by a federal statute, The U.S. Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. Sections 101 through 810Under that statute, the owner of a copyright has the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, perform, display, or license his or her work, and to authorize others to do any or all of these things. The copyright owner also has the exclusive right to create or authorize the creation of derivatives of that work.

Davidson & Davidson is pleased to offer a free initial consultation, in order to evaluate your needs. We will be happy to assist you with the following types of copyright matters:

  • Copyright applications and registration for all types of works.
  • Disputes relating to the ownership of and rights in advertising and marketing materials.
  • Representing plaintiffs and defendants in copyright-related disputes and litigation, including ownership issues and work made for hire disputes.
  • Licensing issues of all types involving copyrighted materials.

For more information regarding copyrights and copyright law, please refer to our Copyright FAQs.

Please contact Davidson & Davidson directly to discuss any specific copyright-related legal matters with which you may need assistance, including any that may not be shown above.