Intellectual Property Law

Davidson & Davidson LLC - Illinois Intellectual Property Law Practitioners

The term "intellectual property," or "IP," is an umbrella term that encompasses a number of distinct legal fields. The fields of law falling into the category of intellectual property include trademarks, unfair competition, copyright, and trade secrets.

Each of the fields of IP law protects something different, and/or provides a different type of protection. It takes someone skilled in the practice of intellectual property law to evaluate a business and determine what aspects are protectable, and what aspect of IP law should be used to protect any given aspect of the business.

Davidson & Davidson LLC practices in all of the IP fields identified above. We are well equipped to perform an "intellectual property audit" of your business, which will allow us to advise you in protecting the fruits of your hard work.

We welcome you to review the separate pages of this website shown in the left column which provide greater details about our trademark, copyright and trade secret law practices, as well as our FAQs related to these areas of the law.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss an IP audit of your business, or if you have any other intellectual property issues not discussed on this website. Davidson & Davidson is pleased to offer a free initial consultation, in order to evaluate your needs.